Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life is an illusion...

or so some say.

There is, perhaps, no better example of this than Florence Foster Jenkins. Actually a tragic character, she was born into a wealthy republican family, bought her friends, and believed that she could sing. When the truth was finally revealed to her in a few New York City newspapers, it killed her quickly. She is best remembered as something (not someone) to laugh at. Her 'music' survives to this day.

Her most famous (deathbed?) quote:
"People can say I could not sing*, but they can never say I did not sing."

Like many republicans, she was simply - for the most part - out of touch with reality. Her 'friends' went along for the ride because of her wealth and power - and the fact that she could provide employment for many of them. *What it REALLY should sound like.

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