Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In normal times...

In normal times, I would not refer to the Southern Poverty Law Center. But these are not normal times. When mad dogs, frothing at the mouth, are wandering main street, the town folks need to become aware of this.

And mad dogs ARE on the loose. Oh, they don't look like mad dogs, and they don't bark like mad dogs, but they bite like mad dogs.

Now some of these folks are merely falling apart because the scaffolding of folklore they once stood firmly upon is collapsing under academic research. Others have bought into the end-times fable because they are about to be financially taken by some 'authority' or church or cult of some kind or another. Some buy into the power of prayer.

"The identities and parallels between the legends of Buddha and Jesus and between their deeds and statements require explanation." source

But not to the fear-consumed cowards on the far right.

My advice: keep your money in your own pocket - especially for the next 6 - 8 years while this Republican Depression subsides.

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