Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Xtian colon cleansing - it's a BLAST!

Fear mongers, like rumor mongers, seem to run frigging wild in Xtian circles. Now who would guess that there is an enema cult in our town?* Biblical blast out is nowhere to be found. The first blast (link), by the way, started this stream of consciousness flowing (no pun intended). drum roll, rimshot

You know what 'they' say:
" Participation in a complete detoxification program consisting of:
* Colon cleanse
* Liver, gallbladder, kidney flush
* Super-nutrition via organic juicing...
* Parasite cleanse"

A lapel pin for these folks:
*For obvious reasons, I refuse to call it 'River City.'

See also: "What do many of these folks have in common?" Just asking...

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