Monday, February 8, 2010

Attach THIS!

Some Buddhists teach that attachments fall into two categories: "attachments to self" and "attachment to beliefs".

The attachment that keep most folks turning the wheel of rebirth is desire (e.g. I want more). Enlightenment is nothing more than the realization that an attachment is a desire. A desire is an attachment. "Attachment" is the investment of emotional energy in any object (Yes, even love). One becomes attached to people, things, and experiential states. Pentecostals emote in frenzied services. Addicts love the 'high.' Church choirs sing of the love they have for an external locus of control. It's all just practice for the next birth-life-death cycle. And it seems devoid of reason and reasonable behavior.

Goofy believers think that they are gods chosen few. The god(s) make no distinctions. And fighting for peace, especially in the name of some god, is like screwing for virginity.

Conceit leads one to think that the body is more than a mere vehicle which may carry you to enlightenment. It isn't. You are born with nothing except the vehicle that carries you and you die with nothing more than your abandonment of the same vehicle. Chrome and fancy hub caps you add are no more than deception.

The great liability of belief systems is that such systems 'bring you back for more.' 10,000 lives as a 'true believer' are 10,000 cycles through suffering, 10,000 turnings of the wheel of dharma. But, so what? Go for it, if that's your bag. While some wealthy people may 'suffer in comfort,' they suffer nonetheless.

Humor break: Hitler's vehicle.

Go ask Jain, when she's 10 feet tall.

Oliver Twist asks for more.

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