Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Easter, fewer Americans were Christian

PRINCETON, NJ -- The percentage of Americans who identify with some form of a Christian religion has been dropping in recent decades, and now stands at [an over-reported] 77%, according to an aggregate of Gallup Polls conducted in 2008. In 1948, when Gallup began tracking religious identification, the percentage who were [self-reporting as] Christian was 91%. source

And, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that more Americans are waking up. The bad news is that half of the people surveyed lacked candor in reporting their actual faith, or lack thereof. In short, a lot of people lied when they claimed that they went to church. They just wanted to 'keep up appearances' as the Brits say. They wanted to be seen as 'good people' and [many think] 'good people go to church.'

I can report with confidence that good people go to the toilet. Oh, some bad people go to the toilet, too. Dead people do not go to the toilet. Many dead people do go to church - for the last time, so to speak. And that might be the only time that they have been near a church in many years!

Despite suggestions that the economic recession might cause religiosity among Americans to increase, there has been no evident change... In short, it might not.

Well, this chart represents just one major Xtian sect in Calif. And it's not the biggest one (Roman Catholic). But the trend is clear. That half that stopped attending is not named Robert. There are fewer butts in seats at church. That declining attendance reflects, in part, the fact that old people tend to die. You know, those people whe went to church back in 1968 are no longer able to do so - owing to their close association with mortality. Most churches would need to double membership just to tread water. And the parson might want to live in an $800,000 McMansion. And the foreclosure notices just keep on coming. Say goodnight, Gracie.

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