Friday, February 19, 2010

Ignorance leads to suffering

Ever wonder why Tea-baggers suffer?


The tea bagger movement is funded by the wealthiest who recruit the most ignorant people and indoctrinate them. Many baggers work for minimum wages. Bagger organizers work on the same model as a science-fiction writer who shall remain nameless. Some people will believe anything. It's best to keep ignorance out of your home. Ignorance is as ignorance does, and so forth.

The problem for bagger taggers is the able avoid such folly.

As much as I would like to compare Obama's Education to Palin's, I won't. Suffice to say Sarah's 5 college score was 2 colleges more than Barry's 3.

FACT: The federal government MUST roll back the Reagan-Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest.

This video could not show "the billionaires" (there are over 300 of them in the USA alone). And that's being a millionaire 1,000 times over - or 10,000 times over for some. Their stack of money would be knocked over by the moon passing overhead. You know what a mess that would make.

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