Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trump’s frequent golf trips.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked a while back about Trump’s frequent golf trips.

A reporter asked about "the single biggest thing the President has accomplished for the American people during his time on the golf course?"

Sanders responded: "I think it would certainly be developing deeper and better relationships with members of Congress in which those relationships have helped push forward the President's agenda… A lot of that, I think, and the success of that came from the strong relationships that the President has. And he's played golf with a number of senators and used that time, certainly, to accomplish that."

If you calculate solely from the numbers made public, however, you get is this: 7% of the time Donald Trump has played golf as President, he has played with a sitting member of Congress.

Trump tweeted 27 times about President Barack Obama's golf habits between 2011 and 2016. Here's a random sampling:
• "While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster!" (May 2016)
• "President Obama should have gone to Louisiana days ago, instead of golfing. Too little, too late!" (August 2016)
• "Obama has admitted that he spends his mornings watching @ESPN. Then he plays golf, fundraises & grants amnesty to illegals." (December 2014)

If he was elected President, promised Trump, he wouldn't be playing much golf at all.

"If I win I may never see my property -- I may never see these places again," Trump said in August 2016. "But because I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go golfing, believe me. Believe me. Believe me, folks."

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