Friday, February 8, 2019

Making a FOOL of Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's dismissive reactions to Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday are going viral.

Pelosi was sitting behind Trump for the 82-minute speech, meaning many TV cameras captured her reactions over Trump's LEFT shoulder. (Even that is symbolic.)

People shared images of Pelosi pursing her lips, raising her eyebrows, and interacting with Democrats in the crowd in a way that they suggested detracted from Trump's message.

Perhaps the most widely shared moment was Pelosi's mocking round of applause for Trump early in his speech.

"We were super-excited and high-fiving," Kuster said. "And he really didn't realize what was going on — he didn't understand what we were doing."

"Finally, he did [understand], because he got very — he was ticked off."

"I think he caught on that the joke was on him," she added.

Women account for 38% of all House Democrats and 36% of Senate Democrats, while they make up 8% of House Republicans and 15% of Senate Republicans.

Actually, nobody is better at making a fool out of the trumpster in the dumpster than the "day late and dollar short" donald himself! (There was neither hatred nor scorn. There was cheering over every woman's accomplishment. You are not the victim, donald, YOU are the abuser of power! And congressional democrats diminished your power.)

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