Saturday, November 17, 2018

Plumbing the Depths of Trump's Ignorance

Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, the brightest candle in the candelabra.

We know that Trump holds himself in very high regard. It's just that we don't.

Trump-bots have the misguided belief that they know something about I.Q. -- and Trump's high I.Q.

Stanford-Binet tests measured many different skills, and then scored the results so that the median was 100. If you had an IQ score of 100, it simply meant that half of the test-takers your age had done better and half had done worse.

Over the years, the standard deviation from 100 became 15 points. Folks that scored 85 to 115 were "average" (not "normal"). A normalized score does not certify a "normal" psyche.

Trump has claimed that California mismanaged the forests. Only 5% of the forests in California are managed by California. 20% of California (1 acre in 5) is managed by the US Forest Service - and, therefore, the Trump administration!

Trump would know that if he was smart. Fran Lebowitz: 'You do not know anyone as stupid as Donald Trump'

Trump has managed to shed a lot of tier one staffers - he holds the all-time record.

Trump is a stand-up comics gift from the gods!

Donald Trump is not presidential

This behavior might be OK on an elementary school playground, but it is grossly embarrassing coming from the White House!

Nobel laureates in California? Trump is not one of them!

He was finally SERIOUSLY nominated.

President Trump's previous nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was fake, according to the head of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

But that was "fake news" Trump-bots spread across sociologically dishonest "smart phone" channels. Hell, the smart phones have a higher IQ than Trump-bots.

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