Sunday, October 28, 2018

common bond

There is a common bond which tightly binds trumpster in the dumpster republicans together:


Who is the leader of the pack? The man with the mickey mouse brain - Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric didn’t just push his "party" to the right on immigration (in what has become known as the “Trump Effect”). It’s gone beyond the political world and injected itself into everyday life — and, in many instances across dozens of states, in a very violent ways. READ MORE HERE.

It’s not the media stoking pipe-bomb violence, Mr. President. It’s you.

I remember when 350 women rabbis signed a joint letter condemning Donald Trump for behavior and language they characterized as an assault on Jewish values.

I once taught "Comparative Religions" in an AP (advanced Placement) high school class! [critical thinking skills - Both Cinderella and Buddha are enshrined in the western bible!]

"There is but one god Aten, and Akhenaten is his prophet."

One does not murder people over religious matters (or other folklore) unless one is profoundly


The “Trump Effect” can be defined in just 3 letters:


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