Monday, July 9, 2018

waste of time and money

Trump has changed the Supreme Court - a shift to the right. And Pruitt is out of the game. This administration is all about waste and abuse...

Trump is now facing litigation (times 3) involving a porn actress, a reality show star, and a former Playboy model.

press briefings are a platform for Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and/or the president simply to make stuff up

and Tweet connects the trumpster in the dumpster to his cult following...

the white house has become reality TV - a "Nest of Lies."

But behind the scenes, it is the money that Trump borrowed from your grandchildren that is being stolen...

the trump mob is stealing all they can - as fast as they can.

What do you expect? Really!

With his forth-grade speak, autism, and narcissism on steroids, the trumpster in the dumpster is...

to Putin, at least, a burning bag of sh*t he can leave at NATO's door.

To the grand jury, Trump is the dunce they have cornered.

Few doubt Trump will lie. Some wonder if he is capable of telling the truth. I, for one, seriously doubt it.

It is obvious that Trump was Putin's pick.

The only thing Trump has in common with Germany IS the wall.

And poor Robert Mueller has so many leads that he has to hand off "the little fish" to state and local prosecutors. The problem is that in Trump's world, there is a plethora of little fish.

I have your hat!

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