Friday, July 13, 2018

battering personality disorder

I'll confess: I have never used my Masters in Psychology.

But it is obvious to me - and many others whith whom I converse - that the trumpster in the dumpster exhibits many of the characteristics of a battering personality disorder.

That was abundantly clear this week in his interactions with Angela Merkel of Germany and Teressa May of the UK.

Trump Has ‘Social Autism,’ Doesn’t See ‘Other People,’ Says Conservative Pundit George Will

"Unlike more classically autistic children, who may be described as “aloof” or “passive” in their social interactions, children with Asperger's tend to be “active but odd.” Not content to be alone all the time, they long to form friendships (as they understand them) with others."

But the trumpster in the dumpster has deeper problems. His mistreatment of woman is legendary.

He might marry them, but he can't keep them...

"Reporters who heard the President’s comments were taken aback since, in the past, the President had given no indication that he held wife beaters in the same high esteem in which he holds supporters of child abuse and white supremacy."

Batterers blame others for their actions.

Trump cannot blame policy of separating children on Obama.

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