Sunday, June 3, 2018

in way over his head...

Trump told donors at a fund-raiser that he invented facts during a conversation with Canada’s prime minister.

The surprise was not that Trump makes things up, but that he actually boasted about it.

Following the disclosure of his remarks, attention focused on whether the president was right or wrong in his assertion about trade. (Hint: to his cult followers, he is ALWAYS right)

But this episode goes to the heart of Mr. Trump: When does he know the things he says are false, and when is he simply bullshitting?

Mr. Trump, after all, has made so many inaccurate claims that full-time fact-checkers struggle just to TRY to keep up.

"Mr Trump keeps getting called on his BS, but still, he keeps on spinning new stories."

Most Americans long ago concluded that "Trump is dishonest."

He doesn't care if he is telling the truth or not.

All he cares about is being the center of attention.

His fall is impeachment powered.

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