Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Charmin the charming...

Donald Trump is charming - just ask him!

All the beautiful women just love him - ask him.

He once dated Candice Bergen - when she was Homecoming Queen and he "a douche." Ask her.

Candice won 5 emmy awards - the donald ZERO.

During the third debate, Trump says he should have won an Emmy Award for his reality series "The Apprentice."

Why not? He's a douche!

He's so charming, he needs Charmin!

I'm going to go buy that piece of sh*t a roll of toilet paper and send it to him:

Build a wall - of toilet paper - around that sh*thole from which Trump Tweets.

The Trump Organization could have been used by Russians to launder money.

1) subpoena the brokers and the people, the other people that were involved in the transactions, and 2) the title companies and the other intermediaries that would have that kind of information. 3) Go to the banks next. (some of the intermediary entities in a lot of these transactions are going to be where a lot of the information is….)

A first priority would be to obtain records from Deutsche Bank, which did business with Trump when most banks would not. Last year, New York state fined Deutsche Bank $425 million over a scheme that laundered $10 billion out of Russia, one of several hefty fines levied on the bank by regulators worldwide in recent years.

Of all the questions surrounding Trump and Russia, the question of whether the Kremlin could have laundered money through the Trump Organization has not often held the spotlight, obscured behind more direct connections, like discussions between Russian officials and Trump campaign officials like Donald Trump Jr. or George Papadapoulos, or more lurid details from the Trump dossier.

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