Thursday, February 8, 2018

Blow hard...

Donald Trump’s signature hairdo is so prominent that cartoonists use it as a shorthand identifier in their drawings.

But who is the one who concentrates most on the creation and maintenance of that improbable confection? It is Trump, who favors this as his trademark.

Does he handle its upkeep all by himself?

The hair does not just fall into place naturally when Trump wakes up in the morning. It must be rebuilt. It is not a comb-over, or comb-forward. It is a comb-from-who-knows-where to who-knows-what.

Do people really like him?

Apparently, real people do not adore him, they reject and mock him.

What would happen to Trump if he lost his hair (or something blows it for him)?

His image would suffer, in his own eyes, a tremendous blow.

He might think that even his friends were snickering at him behind his back. (This is not a problem since Trump has no friends).

Donald Trump clearly over does everything for his hair—though it may lose him the adoration he so craves.

The emperor has no hair!

And now Trump wants ti hold a massive military parade - honoring the commander in chief.

Trump's military parade draws bipartisan rebuke

So, what gives? (was gibt) [what gives the news]

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