Tuesday, October 3, 2017

the tethered goat (in Scriptural Studies)

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In scriptural literature (which I consider folklore) there is the tethered goat problem.

Simply stated, a man ties his goat to the corner of his dwelling. The goat eats grass from BOTH the owner's field (light green) and his neighbors field (dark green).

The shapes and sizes of the fields are changed and the same questions asked.

In the second case, more than half of the grass consumed is from the neighbor's field.

In the third case, less than half of the grass consumed is from the neighbor's field, but the quality is far superior and the goat gets fatter..

Question 1) When the goat is slaughtered, how is the meat apportioned between the two families?

Question 2) When the goat is sacrificed to a god (see below), how much is one man favored (by god) over the other man?

Question 3) When the goat burned as an offering to god, which man is favored more and why? (Burning fat is pleasing to the nostrils of god)

There were plenty of gods in the Levant!

Let's complicate this and say it was a Japanese goat (that didn't understand any of the "Semitic languages")

Or a goat from Srilanka donated by the monkey-king?

Anyway, you get the idea. When I taught AP (advanced placement) Comparative Religions, I said: "There is but one god, Aten, and Akhenaten is his Prophet (Moses). The prophet of Ra was Ramoses or Ramses. You get the idea...

If the goat was from Tibet, would Chinese cooks stir-fry him?

Donald Trump favors Texas and Florida over Puerto Rico.

All Trump knows about Puerto Rico he learned from "The West-Side Story."

So, he has a very limited social circle (if any at all).

As for Trump's religion?

Many, even most, Trump supporters are vicarious millionaires!

Others are wanna-be disciples.

Some talk about his second term - as if he would win reelection!

Some see him as a Christian Crusader.

I see him as the tethered goat of stupidity!

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