Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Look at me, mommy!

Trump’s response thus far to these events has relied on his sophomoric mentality.

Trump has responded to disasters with what can only be described as an awkward excitement. The president was confident that these chances to preside over what he called “events of epic proportions” would boost his ratings.

Face it, “Apprentice President” is slipping in the ratings, and the wanna-be star of the show, Donald Trump, has turned to disturbing antics to boost his prospects.

Trump’s inability to muster the seriousness this moment requires may leave him as politically damaged as George W. Bush was by the storm that overwhelmed New Orleans, and his reputation, 12 years ago.

Without conveying much sense that he perceived human suffering, Trump has managed to focus the attention on Trump.

Trump is awkwardly playing the role of a concerned president, but as usual he’s obsessed with himself.

Speculation over whether Trump would complete even one full term has swirled since before he even took office. Whispers and, in some cases, cries for impeachment amid investigations into possible collusion with Russia, have been accompanied by predictions that the 71-year-old will simply walk away from the job.

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