Sunday, October 22, 2017

Life is a fleeting moment in a vast nothingness... appreciate it!

The metronome of time tick-ticks away
While life like placid river passes by.

I sit and watch enjoying the display
And utter softly to myself a sigh.

For youth is gone no matter how I try
To hold on tight; not let it slip away.

I tell myself that life's not passed me by,
That youth's a frame of mind, or so they say.

But in the end I know my day has passed
Like fallen leaves amidst a troubled stream,

As from time's raging waters I've been cast
To sit upon the bank to watch and dream.

For time, they say, waits not for any man
And youth is gone as quick as it began.

Source of Poem

Carmel, by the sea...

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