Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trump views different!

Low-information voters elected trump. What do you expect?

It’s Trump’s unique perspective that amazes me.

Trump’s problem is his obsession with Obama. Trump’s primary motivation is the erasure of Obama —not only from the political landscape but also from history books.

Trump wants to be better than Obama — thereby held in higher esteem. Instead, he’s the first YUGE a$$h0le to be elected president. (GRAA generally recognized as an a$$h0le)

Trump became president because he is a con man that craves being held in high esteem.

It’s just that -- he isn’t.

Trump compares his popularity to that of Obama.

For example, remember his claim about his inauguration crowd size exceeding that of Obama’s?

But Trump is Trump, and Trump is trash.

Trump accrued wealth, but not culture.

Some try to accommodate the socially isolated retard.

Trump has a fan-club of one.

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