Friday, August 25, 2017

Well, bully 4 trump

Trump is an authentic bully.

The man who promised to Make America Great Again reinforces his latest message relentlessly on television and social media – even in the face of unrelenting criticism from others.

His brand of authority rests on a fundamental charisma rather than ability.

His politics are only larger than life because his life is so much larger than your life.

An appetite for a leader like Trump is cause for anxiety in the political mainstream.

They fear he poses a serious threat to the sustainability of our democratic society.

They point out that politics is difficult and the black and white answers to the questions Trump has are nonsense.

In challenging a bully like Trump, the political establishment must win back the initiative.

Mainstream politics can still put forward a politician of their own in 2020 – one who can convince an electorate to humanize the power of politics.

Only then will they be able to give the people a reason to vote against the bully.

The trumpster in the dumpster IS the fart in the elevator!

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