Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Donald Trump’s daily 'propaganda document'

The trumpster in the dumpster 'gets a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day,' according to Vice News. UPDATE: the guy who compiled the positive news QUIT!

For a cult leader like trump, having charisma is useful during cult formation. Then he gathers the newly converted around him as devoted followers. However, even though he loves himself, he is also very insecure about how much -- and how many -- others love him. (Answer: damn few!)

This Cult group was formed primarily to meet specific emotional needs of trump, who suffers from character disorders dating back to his childhood.

There is significant psychological dysfunction in trump and his behavior is consistent with a textbook psychopath or sociopath. Both relate to certain inflexible and maladaptive behaviors and traits that cause trump to have significantly impaired social functioning.

Trump enters a room and garners attention. He demands respect and obedience. He exists in splendid isolation in which his creation of grandiose self takes precedence over all else. The Germans have a way of exploiting this Trumpism.

Psychopaths like trump can and do lie with the greatest of ease (that daring young man on the flying trapeze), even when it is completely obvious to casual observers that they are NOT being truthful in the least. It is almost impossible for trump to be truthful about any issue. He apparently lies for no reason, even when it would just be much easier to just tell the truth. Again, there may be an emotional rather than a logical underpinning to this most obvious of the multituse of trumpster in the dumpster flaws.

A form of lying common in trump is known as pseudologia fantastica, an extension of pathological lying. Trump has created a complex belief system about his power and abilities, a veritable vortex from which trump himself is unable to escape.

Stimulation comes in the form seemingly spontaneous rallies. His rallies are carefully orchestrated with paid "clappers" stationed behind him in camera view. (Trump's rally is organized and funded by his presidential reelection campaign and contributions from fools, like you, and kids cancer funds.) Trump has a cool indifference to things around him, yet his coldness can quickly turn into rage, vented on those nearby.

Who is that Black Guy behind Trump? (On the payroll?)

Psychopaths like trump rarely accept blame for their mistakes. Scape-goating is common, blaming those outside the group, the “alt left,” the disobedient republicans, the previous administration--anyone but trump.

Trump’s sense of entitlement is demonstrated by the contrast between his luxurious lifestyle and the impoverishment of his followers.

Trump changes his image to avoid prosecution and litigation, to increase his income, and to recruit a new wave of members.




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