Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Vel, vel, velveweta

SATURNALIA has past and you can put away your Phrygian Cap for the winter. Notice the one on Attis.

Did all the popes in your family celebrate the return of the sun?

Remember, there is a Discordia! And, I mean that in the same sense as 'there is a Santa Claus' and there is an "Easter Bunny."

Chaos is all inclusive.

There are GREAT TRUTHS to be discovered by the adventuresome!

Be not timid. Falter not on the path before you. One step leads to a great stumble.

The way is the Tao and with the Tao in tow the toe you stub will be a stubby toe.

The path is illuminated, not by the illuminati, by your inner illumination. Do you buy that? (Leave a tip.)

But there is something cheesy lacking.

Better, now?

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