Monday, January 30, 2012


I realized* today why I didn't get Alan Watts.

Alan Watts, it seems, read D.T. Suzuki and then put on airs about being an authority on Buddhism (which to a post-14 year old, he was NOT). Buddhism was a commodity which Alan frequently sold through books**, lectures, seminars, and propounded on Radio and TV. Buddhism was merely a constant source of CASH for Alan. It was a religion - Alan worshipped CASH. And he has quite the legacy because of it.

But, except for "Big Hind, Big Fart," Buddhism is free. It is not bought, sold, traded or bartered. The Beats got that. Alan didn't. Unfortunately, Alan died an alcoholic with a full ashtray - results of a compulsive-addictive personality disorder. Oh well...

Somehow, when I was 14 I sensed that D.T. Suzuki was the source of that which Alan channeled to radio and TV. I read only two of Alans books and discarded both as regurgitation (vomit). The first authentic book on Zen I read was a reprint by D.T. Suzuki in 1964 - 30 years after it was first printed. I still have it today. It has somehow escaped both donations to the library and paper pulping. (P.S. Some of the REAL CRAP® you might have is worth $$$. Check before you pulp it!)

And that Ox is a Zen Figurine (frame 4) from a collection of 10 Ox Herding Figurines from prewar Japan - given to me just 50 years ago. It seems like only yesterday.


**don't be cheap, buy them ALL.

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