Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creations Myths ala carte

The Sumerian myth - "The Huluppu-Tree" - is perhaps the oldest.

For ancient creation myths, see Frankfort, Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man.

The Memphite Creation Myth, the Akkadian Creation Myth, and the 2 myths of Genesis (the first is 1:1-2:4, the second is 2:5-9) all share common elements. The ancient Greek creation story found in Hesiod THEOGONY also shares similar elements. The elements are the same but the names have been changed to localize the lore.

In Enuma Elish we read how Marduk brought order to chaos in the creation: “WHEN on high the Heavens had not been named, Firm ground below had not been called by name, Nothing but Primordial Apsu’ (deep) the Begetter, [Fresh Water]; and Mummu Tiamat’, She Who Bore them All, [Salt Water]; --their waters commingling as a single body-- No reed hut had been matted, no marsh land had appeared, Uncalled by name, their destinies undetermined-- THEN it was that the Gods were formed within Them.”

What if there was creation - of carbon - before the "creation" of the earth and sun?

Well, it turns out that there are smoking guns galore. Common sense tells you that "there is nothing harder than a diamond." Well, common sense is wrong most of the time. There is a type of black diamond which predates the earth - and our sun - by hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of years. Here is one of them: It ruined some guy's diamond lapidary wheel when he tried to polish it. This black diamond is harder than an earth diamond. It was forged in the furnace of a dying first generation star.

Masters of Myth Creation in the present day are the GOP folks.

The reality is this: "The GOP is wrong. Dead wrong."
Shatter forever that errant belief that "republicans are good." Republicans are not good. The motivation behind republicans is greed. And greed is the only sin in Buddhist thought.

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