Friday, April 19, 2019

What the 448 page report revealed...

20 years ago (+/- a year or 2) I requested a copy of the contract between "the city" and a vendor under "discovery."

I was sent a gif attachment of the scanned contract which took hours to download. But the city "appeared to cooperate."

Anyway, I won my cases - both of them.

Barr, appearing to cooperate gave Congress (and the public) a similar treatment. 138 MB is a large file. IMO, it is 'contempt of congress.

DOJ released a photo-scan of the redacted report that, technically, sucks.

PBS News Hour (a bit on the educated/informed side) released a better, smaller, version.

The PBS file was a faster download and is searchable. (and only 18,4 MB)

The DOJ file is YUGE and a a very slow download for rural America (Trump supporters). They would give up on downloading it - especially at MODEM or ISDN speeds.

"Native PDF redaction has been available now for more than 20 years, yet this (DOJ) document is just images of redacted pages. As such, there is no searchable text, the document will not reflow on different devices and most importantly this document is not Section 508 compliant. The document cannot be read by a screen reader for people with visual disabilities and it cannot be analyzed using any text analysis tools. The (DOJ) Mueller Report as a redacted PDF document is really kind of sad."

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