Wednesday, April 10, 2019

STEM Women (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

It's been a big day for science. And an even bigger day for women scientists.

On Wednesday, we Earthlings got our first direct look at a black hole, thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope, an array of eight radio telescopes around the world working together to create the image.

This newfound information could impact Albert Einstein's (year 1915) theories of gravity. (Gravity is most accurately described by the general theory of relativity (proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915) which describes gravity not as a force, but as a consequence of the curvature of space-time caused by the uneven distribution of mass.)

Black Holes Were Such an Extreme Concept, Even Einstein Had His Doubts

Katie Bouman, an ordinary MIT graduate student (Ph.D. candidate), helped develop a key computer program while still in school.

The black hole in NGC 1277 is one of the largest.

Along with others, her program created the first image of the black hole. A great accomplishment for scence.

Congrats to Katie!

Katie is no dummy. Trump, stupid-in-chief, demonstrated his astronomical ignorance for the world to observe!

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