Saturday, March 9, 2019

Me, me, me (neglects common courtesy)

Donald Trump exists in a world of one - himself.

Seems like only yesterday...

and then... Trump Signes Bibles Like They Were Carnival side-show Merchandise.

Donald Trump, President of the United States and Professional Twitter Bully, spent some time in Alabama today greeting people and autographing items, among them hats, $100 bills, and Bibles.

President Trump is signing bibles for volunteers and survivors at a Baptist church in Alabama. — Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) March 8, 2019

Trump thinks he is "a star." (maybe a falling star?)

While some praised Trump’s actions, others mocked Trump for signing Bibles:

In Trump's pea brain - and those of his CULT, Trump WROTE the book.

The first family was in Opelika, Alabama, today visiting tornado-ravaged areas and meeting with residents. At one point, they stopped into a Baptist church and things, well, went completely off the rails. Someone actually handed a Bible to Donald Trump and asked him to put his scribble on it. Donald Trump, the man who opted out of saying the Apostle's Creed at President Bush's funeral. That Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, does he think he wrote it, like he thinks he wrote The Art of the Deal?

Besides, in wars and other disasters, bible paper can come in handy...

It's no use talking to trump-bots. The light is dim and nobody is home.

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