Friday, December 21, 2018


Trump’s biggest political allies are not pleased with him.

Congressional Republicans and Trump’s own administration are unhappy with his foreign policy. They’re unhappy with how he is handling year-end budget negotiations.

Their dissatisfaction is a problem for Trump. It has made a weak president weaker.

The resignation of Jim Mattis, the defense secretary, detailed his disagreements with the man who would be president he had served.

Mattis resisted Trump’s overtures to Russia and reined him in on torture. Mattis tried to protect American alliances as Trump undermined them.

In response, Trump has attacked NATO, befriended North Korea and Russia, criticized health care and Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The crucial moment for the Mueller investigation may require more congressional backbone than we’ve seen so far. No other recent president has had as many struggles with Congress, or as much dissatisfaction from inside his own administration.

And, Trump tweeted that he knew tech “better than anyone,” which made him a laughingstock on his favorite social media platform.

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