Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Adoration fix

Despite public denials, the fates of Manafort and Cohen worried Trump.

For Trump, Cohen has represented a greater threat than even the Russia investigation, drawing from his decade of working as the then-celebrity real estate developer’s fixer. An FBI raid on Cohen’s New York office and hotel room in April rattled Trump, who has complained publicly about what he felt was government overreach while privately worrying about what material Cohen may have had after working for the Trump Organization for a decade.

When the raid on Cohen’s office produced a recording that the former fixer had made of Trump discussing a payment to silence a woman about an alleged affair, the sh*t hit the fan. Trump turned on Cohen like a pit bull on a child.

Trump also stewed for weeks over the media coverage of the Manafort trial.

Though these proceedings were not connected to Russian election interference, Trump views the Manafort charges as “a warning shot” from Mueller.

As Trump watched the courtroom proceedings, he told confidants that he feared his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., could at some point be the one on trial.

So, el Presidente headed off to a "love fest rally" for an adoration fix.

Poor Michael Cohen. He once had an autistic pathological liar for a client and that client was not known for paying his bills.

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