Tuesday, July 31, 2018

all the qualities of a dog...

... except loyalty.

The organizing principle of Trump is loyalty.

Not loyalty to an ideal, a vision, or a legislative program, but to just —Donald J. Trump— even he struggles to gain control. (Chaos rules the white house)

In America that is as unprecedented as it is dangerous.

Trump’s takeover has been a take-no-prisoners cannibalistic coup.

In the past the Oval Office has occasionally belonged to narcissists.

Some lied.

Some seduced.

Some bullied.

Some undermined norms.

But none can hold a candle to Trump.

His system is based on his contempt for the truth.

Mr Trump either does not—or cannot—distinguish fact and false. (Sadly, the same follows for his CULT)

On the campaign he behaved as if the truth was whatever he could get away with.

As president, Trump assumes that his power means he can get away anything.

When power dominates truth, criticism becomes betrayal.

Thus, when H.R. McMaster, a former national security adviser, said that Russia had interfered in the election campaign, Trump heard his words as hostile. He was sacrificed.


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