Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jumping Jehoshaphat

In my previous posting, I mentioned how goofy and goofier met with goofiest for a prayer fest.

It is about manipulation.

I also mentioned that the "United Monarchy" had to do with Egypt and not Israel.

I also mentioned that Abraham's name (in the Akkadian language, using cuneiform script) is Hammurabi - backwards.

This time, it's Saint Buddha that I will mention.

BARLAAM AND JOSAPHAT [Barlaam and Josaphat], legend popular in medieval times. It corresponds in part to the legend of Buddha. Versions of the story have been found in nearly every language. At the birth of Josaphat (or Joasaph), the son of the Indian king Abenner, it was prophesied that the young prince was destined for greatness not as a royal leader but as a holy man. The king did all that was possible to stop the prophecy from coming true, but the prince, through the teachings of the monk Barlaam, was converted to religion (according to Western legend, Christianity). After the death of Abenner, Josaphat abdicated the throne and lived out the remainder of his days with Barlaam, as a religious recluse.

Scholars have known for over a century that "the Bible is a collection of regional folklore, borrowed without interest, and [through a number of revisions] masterfully crafted into a work of political propaganda."

The story was based on events in Siddhartha Gautama's life, better known as the Buddha. Jehoshaphat is the jump! [leap of faith]

The Cathiholic description is found HERE.

I also mentioned that SOME of the Psalms and Proverbs were borrowed from the Egyptians - as were the Ten Commandments.

Anochi is the Egyptian word for god. Akhenaten was the earliest Egyptian monotheist. In the bible he is called Moses.

The Midrash states: “I am — Anochi — the Lord your God,” as the opening words of the Ten Commandments.


Back to Saint Buddha... here, the goofies explain.

My favorite Buddhist story in the bible is the "Widow's Mite" episode.

The widow freed herself!

There is a way to free yourself from an extended stay in purgatory (Hades) called an indulgence.

The church sold them by the buss-load!

Some people will buy anything.

Oh, I know: "Church people are GOOD people."

And Trump can pardon himself.

Trump is the Pope of Presidents!

What would Jesus say (when he's not stripping and waxing a floor)?

What would Buddha say"

"It doesn't matter."

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