Sunday, May 20, 2018


Trump's venomous rhetoric is part of an offensive against immigration that would make the United States resemble the ethnic diversity of the planet.

Trump wants to be king. Trump wants to be king of kings. Trump wants to be god.

Trump IS a neurotoxin!

The prison Trump is building is in the minds of his cult followers.

Trump is a turd. He is the turd of turds.

He is a turd on a tower of turds.

However, do not waste you time talking to Trump-bots. They are suffering from the effects of neurotoxicity.

Common symptoms of neurotoxicity include problems with memory, thinking, language, as well as personality changes numbness of compassion and unwavering support of Donald Trump.

In other news, the grandchildren fight over "their inheritance."

Another severe neurotoxin is found in RELIGIONS.

The grandchildren of the Mythical Abraham (Abi-Ur-Hamm = Hamm-Ur-Abi) fight on! Hamm was the "father" (abi) of the "city" (Ur) from which we get the word Urban. Jupiter was derived from Dios P'ter (heavenly father) which morphed into St. Peter. Myth upon myth upon myth.

Grandpa said I could have the west bank. NO! Grandpa said I could have the west bank.


Go take a quiz, or something.

The truth is found in silence.

Trump can avoid telling lies by drinking a nice warm cup of STFU!

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