Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trump Whisperer

Despite the warm atmosphere between the two at the White House, the assumption that Macron’s "Trump whisperer" act will ensure the survival of the JCPOA may be mistaken.

Trump is weak on rejection.

First Lady Melania Trump had another awkward hand-holding moment with Donald on Tuesday as the first couple welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife.

Melania Trump's uncomfortable demeanor during the Presidential Inauguration has been causing many to wonder how Donald Trump treats his wife in private!

Wife #2

Face it. Trump is a THREE-TIME loser with women. A dud.

Trump has eliminated or rolled back large chunks of regulation with businesses cheering the White House on, but it’s hard to find evidence it’s been a big help to the economy after one year.

HUD removed guidelines meant to provide training to homeless shelters on how to ensure equal access to transgender people. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve-to-Steve!

Candice Bergen was on TV with her Home Again co-star Reese Witherspoon, when she was asked about the time she went on a blind date with Donald Trump in college.

Face it, in college, the girls AVOIDED Donald! (He could NOT get a date)

An FBI agent was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team for calling President Trump an “idiot” and “enormous douche.”

O.K. Trump is a douche.

I thank whatever gods may be that I do not know Trump. What a douche!

Poor Melania, stuck with a douche.

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