Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump Timeline

the Trump-Russia Scandal

Just those few words send beer-belly patriots running for their guns - or refrigerators.

Even their refrigerator is veiled in myth and fantasy.

I recently spoke to a "True Believer" in the Trump bullsh*t.

He told me Trump was the answer to all that 'educated liberal' stuff.

When I asked him just WHAT 'educated liberal' stuff he was talking about he said "Benghazi," and then threw up. Thank whatever gods may be he did not barf his guts out. Like many beer-belly patriots, his gut is YUGE!

When beer-belly patriots are not barfing, they are pootin'.

Don't BLAME them (the beer-belly patriots). Some have the critical thinking skills of a toad's stool.

The Trump Timeline is HERE.

And please, buy your Benghazi Butt-wipes a beer!

It is the patriotic thing to do!

"Since taking office, President Trump has made 2,436 false or misleading claims..."

"What happens when a lie hits your brain? The now-standard model was first proposed by Harvard University psychologist Daniel Gilbert more than 20 years ago. Gilbert argues that people see the world in two steps. First, even just briefly (and hypothetically), we hold the lie as true: We must accept something in order to understand it."

Trump, Hitler, and Rome all exploit this "back door" to exert control over the target.

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