Saturday, February 4, 2017

displaced burger place

Trump's "alternative facts" adviser Kellyanne Conway managed to get two YUGE whoppers into just one brief, 19-second answer. First, she said that the Obama administration banned Iraqi refugees from entering in the United States for six months in 2011 — which lacks even the slightest element of truth.

Second, and perhaps the whopper of the year (Insha Allah), she made up a terrorist attack committed by Iraqi refugees that never happened — the “Bowling Green Massacre”

Given more time, Kellyanne could have covered the entire While House lawn a yard deep with her BS talk.

Duh trump administration IS the new home of the REAL WHOPPERS!!!

Fake Vigil Honor Victims Of Kellyanne Conway’s Made-Up Bowling Green Massacre

The baboon hired a buffoon!

I will never ask you to fact check the trumpster in the dumpster untill we know what we mean by "FACT."

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