Friday, December 29, 2017

Left Behind

More than anything else, Trump represents those who were "left behind."

Men who, when in high school, were left behind on Prom Night identify with Trump.

Men who, in social situations, lack the civility, diplomacy, and finesse to blend in identify with Trump.

Trump's appeal is TRIBAL!

His followers see him as a tribal leader - a superhero - rather than a shallow inept bully.

Were it not for "Elizabeth Trump and Son," the Donald would be very little.

Elizabeth Christ Trump was a German-born American businesswoman and the matriarch of the Trump family. She married Frederick Trump in 1902.

SHE built the fortune upon which "the Donald" lives.

But what few Moral Majority menfolk realize is the money in Donald's inheritance was originally made through a string of brothels and prostitutes.

So his GRANDMOTHER made the family fortune and Donald resents women to this day!

Trump operates heavily subsidized golf courses.

Trump creates "fake news" and calls the free and open press "fake news."

Trump is using many KGB tactics to remain in power - after their assistance in getting him elected!

American Politics has been reduced to a world-wide joke - with the punchline being "Donald Trump."

And we should worry about the Trump cult-bots and punchlines!

Many of his followers ARE that crazy!

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