Monday, November 20, 2017

The Epileptic Messiah

The epileptic messiah is dead. Thank whatever gods may be that reason, not superstition, prevails - at least for the moment.

He thought he was Jesus (he held himself in very high regard and collected a "cult following" - kinda like Donald Trump).

In the summer of 1968, at the height of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll era, Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson welcomed into his orbit an unknown and peculiar long-haired rocker who sang wildly and talked mystically.

“This is Charlie,” Wilson told friends. “He is the wizard, man. He is a gas.”

“As long as I live,” Wilson told Rolling Stone, “I’ll never talk about that.”

Charles Manson was one of the most famous "murderers" in American history. Known for his insanity, ties to Hollywood, and ability to "charm others" into following his orders.

But WHAT is at work here? WHAT was the very foundation on which evil thrived? BELIEF

Manson believed that he was the new Messiah. And so did most of his followers.

So what, you might ask, does epilepsy, LSD, and the Messiah have to do with any of this insanity?

Seeing 'God' may be caused by epilepsy: Scans taken during religious experience reveal how neurons light up in those who experience the divine.

Mystics claim to experience visions and trance-like states they say come directly from God. Temporal lobe epilepsy has become famous for causing religious experiences.

Not all religious people are sick. Not all epileptics are religious. But the link is well established that many epileptics experience "god."

Neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran only recently discovered the case of split-brain patients with one hemisphere without a belief in a god, and the other with a belief in a god.

9 Facts About Charles Manson and the Manson Family

Aug 20, 2003 Henry Hayes, a Baptist minister, was found guilty Tuesday of killing his 7-year-old daughter and his wife in their South Los Angeles home four years ago.

Former Texas Pastor Matt Baker Convicted in Wife's 2006 Murder. Jul 8, 2010

Just saying... Be careful who your "friends" are...

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