Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Celebrity Yankee in Diplomat Abe's Court

The Kasumigaseki Country Club, founded in 1929, is the birthplace of Japan's golf craze.

Trump is the Novice Amateur and Abe is the Seasoned Pro. Abe is calling all the shots!

Notice in the photo above, it is Trump (the sinister, or weaker) approaching Abe standing firm (the dexter, or stronger). (Protocol!)

Every move has been painstakingly arranged to the most minute detail long before Trump set foot on Japanese soil.

The club’s guiding principle is “good fellowship, as expressed in the spirit of fair play, familiarity and trust in the members.”

The Kasumigaseki club has been at the center of controversy for a long time.

Facing criticism over the club’s policies toward women, 2020 Olympics organizers threatened to move to a different venue unless the rules were changed. The club ultimately ceded to pressure in March and now allows women to be full members (and not just ‘regular members’).

There are no “single round” green fees. It is available for dues paying members only! ($1,000 a month, anyone?)

Women are better at golf in Japan! A lot better!

To join Kasumigaseki, an applicant needs to obtain a reference from a current member and pay 8 million yen ($70,800) to become a regular member. Then, if approved by members after one year, pay an additional 4 million yen ($35,400) to be a full member. (That’s $100,000 for a membership card and then you pay steep dues!)

Only full members can play on weekends.

"Kasumi is an exclusive club that no ordinary people can join and play." said Eiko Oya, a journalist who heads the Japan Golf Council.

After decades of stagnation and decline, Japan is trying to break the traditional male-dominated elitism of the bubble days and usher in a new era of growth. We’re talking about golf.

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