Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Higher Priorities

Some things matter more.

The Trump supporters I know are increasingly becoming social isolates.

They are being shunned because, at this point, their sanity is starting to be questioned!

Trump is NOT Shree Rajneesh!. Trump may be another cult leader, but he has no substance to his form.

The two have a lot in common.

IMO, neither are cute - or "Very Bright."

Both seem to have devoted followers.

Only dimmer followers can follow dim lights for 200+ days.

Both are venerated as a kind of god.

Remember, god is dog spelled backwards!

Neither understands the value of a pillow on a platform bed above a carpeted basement floor!

Shiro does!

Besides, as a 12 pound hunting dog, he knows just who has been p1ssing where!

I don't know about "my man Shree," but IMO, there is more authentic value to a dried dog dropping than the Donald!

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