Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dare to compare...

Alarming parallels of history escalate.
— Anne Frank Center (@AnneFrankCenter)

"1930s Germany imposed a series of escalating steps of oppression, including demonization, discrimination and isolation of vulnerable communities, that evoke what we are seeing today. That comparison is just, and not to make the comparison would be a dereliction of our duty to ensure 'never again' to any people."

Mr Goldstein said he did not wish to "trivialise the Holocaust" by equating Trump to Hitler, who oversaw the murder millions of people.

But he added: "By the same token, it is responsible, and indeed our moral imperative, to point out parallels between actions taken by the Trump administration today and the actions taken by Germany in the 1930s before the Holocaust."

Things aren't looking up for President Donald Trump, he completed his first half-year sporting the worst approval rating for any president in the history of polling.

“It's the Washington cartel at its worst revolting against the president.” Anyhoo, we're six months into the Donald Trump pretzeldenty and...

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