Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TRUE-ski RUE-ski

We all remember when... (July 2016 - not after the election)

And so it came to pass...

Now, while none of this is new or revealing... How Did Russiagate Start? the timeline

It doesn't matter. Trump won. You didn't.

Trump wants to give Putin a presidential pardon.

Such as...

Trump is so retarded that he doesn't know how retarded he is!

Even the GOP can finally see...

they have an albatross on the wing.

Albatross Trump, the same yesterday, today, and forever...

Is it the art of the deal - or fart of the schmeal?

may the covfefe be with you...

Samoan word koufefe: is "mockery you people for being afraid."

kou: is short for oukou (you people, plural)

Fefe: Fear; afraid; an expression of mockery

But Trump can Ufa Alu!

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