Tuesday, May 30, 2017

re-Branding Opportunity

Perhaps we are looking at RussiaGate all wrong. Trump is a businessman (yeah, right) and he is always trolling for opportunity.

All of his casinos went BUST. Stock and bondholders lost more than $1.5 billion. He needs a new idea... you never know. "It's very clear in the cult of Trump that 'you're either with us or you're not.'"

Trump is far from the brightest candle in the menorah.

And his daughter is doing what she can to help the poor retard.

As soon as the trumpster in the dumpster returned, he went to his church for 'spiritual advice.'

When THAT didn't help, the trumpster in the dumpster called in his biggest advisor. Christie*, who was not charged up about the trumpster in the dumpster and his growing espionage difficulty, refused to comment until after the smoking donuts were found. Bridget Kelly is unable to assist in the plan to prevent the investigating committees from "Crossing THAT bridge when they come to it" (RussiaGate).

And then the Poles (or French) mapped the mood of the country.

And the bumper stickers started selling briskly!

So, it's all good...

All the RussiaGate investigations continue.

And the Monday Night at the Movies was a success.

And we await the 100 day countdown clock.


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