Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump and his cult

Sam Vaknin, a popular psychologist and contributor to American Thinker, describes the perception of Trump and his followers thus: “The world is a hostile, psychopathic place… who [can deal with it better] than an even more hostile, narcissistic leader like Trump?”

They crave a bigger baddder (sic.) dude to hack through the jungle “out there.”

This is a form of collective regression to infancy with Trump in the role of the omnipotent Father.

In abnormal psychology, this is called ‘shared psychosis.’

The members of the Trump cult use primitive (infantile) psychological defense mechanisms as an extension of their Guru. Theirs is a malignant disease grounded not in reality, but in irrational idealization. Theirs is the tendency to perceive the bully Trump as a “Super-Hero Trump” that each cult member freely morphs to fit their fears and fantasies.

In a post-holocaust world, most should recognize the dangers of totalitarianism and strongmen politicians who come across as outright “thugs.” While some see history only in the rear view mirror, they don’t observe what is so obviously in front of their face. (e.g. They are unable to face reality.)

The real problem is low-information voters (FAUX Snews addicts) and no-information voters.

The trumpster in the dumpster followed through and enough voters sold the farm!

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