Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Erbs on Man - he - knew - her (Man_knew_her)


If you've never heard of Terence McKenna, too bad. One of his long standing theories about the nature of conscious evolution involves SHROOMS.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness, in a theory advanced by Terence McKenna, was fueled by Magic Mushrooms.

But my point is simple, more mundane.

the 3 mushrooms pictured above might hold a key to backing off the cancer that is trying to eat me alive.

I will NOT go so far as; "Mushrooms are being hailed as a miracle cure for cancer."

The idea is discredited HERE

Some medicinal mushrooms with anti-cancer potential are shown HERE

THIS ARTICLE is Antiinflammatory

So called ‘immunomodulators’ (biological response modifier, immunopotentiators and immunostimulants) are the most important medicinal mushroom drugs used especially in Japan, China, Korea and other East Asian countries today.

– Big Pharma develops new medicines, which it then patents
Reishi is a wild plant and, therefore, can’t be patented

For American mycologist Paul Stamets the beehive-shaped mushroom called an Agarikon represents the future of treating diseases such as tuberculosis, cowpox, bird and swine flu.

But there is also one mushroom that prevents your child from becoming a Republican.

The "Jesus Mushroom"

also, see THIS (if you have 2 hours)

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