Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Trump Klan...

O.K. 1927 was 20 years before the Donald was born...

And Fred Trump was a young man. It was long before he haid: "Son, some day, I'll give you your share of this..."

And the Donald was not a handsome men.

David Duke had yet to be born...

And before the Donald learned to crave attention...

Therefore, he takes whatever people offer him.

And, when he is called on it, he BLAMES someone or something else (e.g. It's not MY fault."

But, for weeks on end, Trump is the Yes, we Klan candidate.

He even re-tweets a David Duke posting (with the star of david theme)

In the meantime, the cartoonists have a field day!

And, the son of the Klan has no plan!

He is the "Yes, We Klan" candidate.

He is the "Make America Hate Again" candidate.

He IS the joke.

He IS a HUGE joke.

He IS a HUGE international joke.

tomorrow: the empty seats that Tramp (sic) goes postal over.

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