Saturday, July 11, 2015

Frightening young children

When I was a kid in elementary school, our TV had a 12" round CRT for the picture. The diagonal picture size was 12" - and it was monochrome (B&W). And the sound was monophonic. We grew up impoverished - in many more ways than just the one.

So we watched all kinds of frightening stuff:

Now most folks would not consider Preachin' Xtianity amoung the traumatizing events in adolescent development. I - and a growing list of others - certainly do. Most folks got no fetchin' up in terms of psychology, childhood development, or household fables.

Many young people consider Christianity as fearing homosexuality. The only "Classic" some read is the bible. A world outside of that box can not, in their myopic view, exist. Again a little fetchin' up might help 'em out - if they can read. And Xtianity should have nothing to fear - except maybe the truth.

What would Joe Ratzinger say? In my opinion - biased as it is - any adult that has sex with an adolescent is a THEIF that is stealing innocence from the vulnerable. Such behavior is unethical. This is not Rome or Greece during the time of Aristophanes. Read, if you can read. Think, if you can think. Take responsibility for your own choices and actions. First, do no harm. Steal neither innocence nor security from a child. Turn OFF the TV if you have children in the house. Hand them a book - if you can find one.

But, all that "recent issues" stuff aside, what was 1950s TV like?

Impoverished - poor quality - in content and delivery.

And Billie? Not financially impoverished but intellectually questionable.
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Maybe CTL+ALT+DEL will reset the Matrix.

Wait, and see...

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