Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If you really believe...

Then serve god... (how?)

(serve god) Pizza!

You can even BURN THE BACON which, despite it's lack of kosherness, may please the nostrils of your particular god(s).

Multiple Names of God.

A monotheistic God evolved from the polytheistic nature (of gods) because the Gods had many names and titles for all of their works (e.g. storm, sea, sun, rain, death, seperation). Therefore, the Gods who were judges or the abortionist wagers of wars...

Some concepts of God are worth noting because they capture some ancient psychological truth.

The Egyptian speaker of truth (Toth) created everything from sound.

The Norse Balder was crucified, died, and was freed from Hel.


» Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

» Romans (Archaic Triad). The Archaic triad was Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Jupiter (papa), Juno (the gate keeper), Minerva (mother) (father, son, mother of son).

» Greeks (Capitoline Triad). After 500 BC, the Romans modified the Greek gods Zeus (Jupiter), Athena (Minerva) and...

» Hindu (Vedas). Agni (the sun, god of fire), Vayu (god of air), Surya (god of spirit, breath of life, or ghost - manifested in the birth water).

» Hindu (Puranas). Vishnu exists in three forms: Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), Shiva (destroyer).

» Norse. Odin (the all-father), Freja (Athena), Balder.

Consider: the god of the toilet, the god of the dump, and the god of the flush. Why make arbitrary limits? Who ordained YOU to limit god(s)?

Estimating the number of atheists is rather complex (e.g. "there is no simple answer). Some adults who describe themselves as atheists also believe in God (Pew Research Center). And some people who identify with religions (e.g., are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, etc.) do not believe in God.

I have no concerns whatsoever either way. The real question is: "Do you believe in Pizza? (I do not.)

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