Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wecome to hell - now suffer!

Women don't get it. Newborns have big eyes and they look so cute.

But what is going on is that the wheel of dharma is being turned by desire and yet another salient being is condemned to the continuance of hell (the seemingly endless cycles of birth-death).
In just one city, there are three babies born every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's actually a bit more at 75 babies a day and 27,375 a year.

That's 5 Woodsides or almost an entire Monterey added to the planet each and every year!

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And the photographer, not to be outdone, was seven months pregnant when she visited Delhi's baby factory! It's up to the men in the world to detach from fathering children. Women can't do it alone and a monastic order of monks (who swear and keep an oath not to touch a woman) is just a small start on the right path.

Am I saying that EVERY man should reject the idea of fathering children?

Looking for the tabernacle [body] maker,
through the many cycles of birth.
And in not finding him,
painful are the cycles of birth.

No more, maker of tabernacles [embodiments],
for you [Mara] have been seen.
You shall make my tabernacle [body] no more.

The rafters [ribs] are broken
the ridge-pole [spine] is sundered
the mind [understanding] approaches the Eternal.

[For] I [now] understand peace is the extinction of desire.

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