Sunday, September 25, 2011

the Oxford Comma

Why the Oxford comma is important. The Oxford comma is found before the final "and" in a series of nouns, e.g., "We bought apples, oranges, and pears." The Oxford comma is even more important in a string of nouns such as this, "We like soup and sandwiches, peaches and cream, and cookies and milk."

Besides following some in-house "book of style" or "accepted practice", there's no reason not to use the Oxford comma, unless it's to confuse readers!

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In the translations of archaic languages, the matter of punctuation, usage, and context do matter. Punctuation, by use of additional little marks or character embellishments, was used by the ancients. The use of ancient (archaic) punctuation is not well understood.

Let's face it. Subtle changes in punctuation can make profound differences in meaning (cognitive content).

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