Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Breaking the Code

Thom Hartmann's book got me thinking about words and how they are used as tools of power by people in power.

Once upon a time, when we borrowed money (say, to buy a house) the borrowed money was a debt. But the word debt has a problem - in the Biblical sense (Matthew 6:12). The people in power NEVER forgive debts - thus a debt become a "financial obligation."

Now many blind right-wingnuts like to thump their Bibles because they do not know (OR CAN NOT KNOW) what is expressed therein. President "W" Bush signed the biggest rewrite of U.S. bankruptcy law - taking away the possibility of anyone keeping a roof over their head when the real estate bubble popped!

So with the Tea-Baggers and the Moral Majority we get nothing short of a rewrite debt forgiveness [PDF] in the Lord's Prayer! What power they have!


And Rush, puffin' cigars with the junk bond king.

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